Timesheet Bookings – Ticket System

There may be some confusion to how the new MiClub booking system works upon tee sheets opening. Below is the system detail. This system is setup to ensure a fairer opportunity for ALL members to secure a booking, as well as ensuring the system remains reliable/stable in cases of extreme traffic through the site. 

How it works:

When a timesheet is due to ‘Open’ 20 members will immediately gain access to the tee times available.  If more than 20 members attempt to access the timesheet on ‘Open’, a ticket queue allocation will then stagger access.

Members will still have the normal allotted time to complete the booking once row/cell has been selected.

After the initial 20 are placed in the timesheet all other members will then have a ticket allocated and will see a message to indicate “you have been placed in a queue” and the number in the current queue position as per the screen shot example below.

Members will be automatically directed to the tee-sheet once bookings are completed.

This system, will show more available rows instead of trying to find a row which may or may not be available. This will reduce the likelihood of receiving the “row is currently locked”  message. It may still occur when members get through to the timesheet but less likely because of the staggered access.